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Together in the fight against Coronavirus
In early 2020, while the development of this sustainability report was underway the world was shaken by a statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO), that the coronavirus outbreak in China had now turned into a global pandemic. Immediately, governments, businesses, and citizens in all countries were called upon to take action against the spread of the contagion and stop the proliferation of this disease which has since become known as Covid-19.

Minerva Foods acted with responsibility and agility, following the guidelines established by the WHO, the protocols defined by the Ministries of Agriculture and Health, and by the Secretary of Labor, in addition to the norms established in the states and municipalities in which it has operations. In addition, it has adopted its own measures to protect its employees and their families, partners, and local communities in order to assist society as a whole in the fight against the spread of the virus. The following is a summary of the actions taken:

  • Creation of a crisis management committee assisted by a team of infectious disease specialists from the Albert Einstein Hospital, located in the city of São Paulo to help guide and follow-up on the prevention measures that have been adopted;
  • Preventive leave for more than 280 employees in Brazil and more than 338 in other countries, identified within the at-risk group (over 55 years of age, pregnant, with chronic diseases);
  • Home-office work placement for more than 450 employees in Brazil and 407 employees in other countries;
  • Suspension of travel;
  • Rapid testing for 100% of employees of units located within areas where there is a high risk to the municipality;
  • Temperature monitoring of 100% of those entering the Company’s premises;
  • Acquiring more than 6,600 doses of the tetravalent vaccine (against influenza) and early planning of the vaccination campaign;
  • Providing and requiring the use of masks for all employees;
  • Distribution of preventive guidelines through email, banners, posters, murals, WhatsApp messages and other forms of communication;
  • Installation of alcohol gel dispensers;
  • Hygienization and sanitization of public areas ( turnstiles), cafeterias, dressing rooms, hallways and public transportation);
  • Strengthening the sanitary protocol of operation;
  • Distancing in the areas subject to crowding (cafeterias, changing rooms and entrances);
  • Dividing plant employees into groups in order to ensure safe distancing between employees and avoid crowding;
  • Restriction and suspension of site visits from suppliers and service providers;
  • Ventilation of enclosed spaces, such as meeting rooms, administrative offices, break and recreation areas;
External – public announcements by tail bus display, radio, and sound car
Tests for the diagnosis of Coronavirus were obtained, a portion of which remained with the Company and the others donated to local governments in all the municipalities where Minerva operates. This measure was aimed at promoting the health and safety of employees who are working in production, in addition to providing support to the local municipalities.
Leasing Mobile Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
Mobile ICUs were leased in order to assist the local health departments in the cities of Janaúba (MG), Mirassol D´Oeste (MT), Paranatinga (MT), Palmeiras de Goiás (GO) e Rolim de Moura (RO).
The Company donated PPE, medicine, and food to the health departments, hospitals, and other institutions located within the communities where it operates, in addition to food supplies such as beef, canned goods, and meatballs.
 Hospital do Amor (Barretos Cancer Hospital) – Barretos (SP)
Online auction of a collectors watch donated by a client of Minerva, with the Company pledge to double the amount collected from the auction.
It’s too early to know the impact on business
Spread of the Coronavirus has caused several challenges that have impacted the global economy. However, markets such as the Middle East and Asia, particularly China, have continued to show a steady demand, particularly as of March, boosting exports both in volume and price.

The Company continues to maintain a positive outlook for the year. There continues to exist an imbalance in the supply and demand for beef worldwide. In addition, key consumer markets and emerging markets particularly in China, have continued to import. Furthermore, food production is regarded as an essential activity.

Minerva Foods will continue its food production following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading agencies, with the safety of its employees as its foremost priority.

Please note: The photos in this publication were taken before the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore people were not wearing masks.