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Minerva Foods produces and sells beef both in natura (chilled) and frozen, processed protein products (including those from beef, pork, and poultry), live cattle, and sub-products such as processed leather and offal, locally in Brazil and internationally. It also produces processed beef, such as canned meats (cubed steak and roast beef), primarily destined to supermarket chains in the external market, and portioned cuts for the internal market. Furthermore, the Company sells by-products such as meat meal, bone, blood, and tallow.

In addition, the Company resells and distributes various products manufactured by third-party producers, such as vegetables, lamb, poultry, and frozen fish. This resale segment, which involves the one-stop-shop concept, accounts for the result of the tradings in the resale of other proteins.

The Company also operates in the trading of electricity through Minerva Energia, a company dedicated to managing the exposure of its facilities in the Brazilian electrical market and commercializing electricity to third parties.

Minerva Beef – Operates with commodities and value-added products in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Minerva Live Cattle Exports – One of the largest live cattle exporters in the world, with operational centers strategically located throughout Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay, offering wide diversification of breeds, animal health status, and arbitrage opportunities on prices.

Minerva Fine Foods – Brazilian label with an extensive line of products in the processed meat segment, with several different methods of preparation, cooking, freezing, and packaging. It possesses the know-how, technology, and experience to create, develop and produce items made from fresh, cooked, roasted, and grilled meats, derived from poultry, pork, and beef, applying different process technologies, according to the demands and needs of each client. “Create and Develop” are the keywords in the philosophy behind the work of this brand.

Minerva Leather – Having operated in the market for over 20 years, Minerva Leather is responsible for industrializing the hides resulting from the slaughtering process at Minerve Foods. The leather is marketed in both the wet blue and semi-finished states and shipped to tanneries certified by the Leather World Group (LWG), a validation that all environmental and quality criteria were taken into account in leather production.

Leather Traceability
In 2019, Minerva Leather introduced a project to provide traceability of the hides throughout the supply chain. The process consists of marking the leather while it is still at the processing plant, with information regarding the farm of origin, classification according to the criteria of the business branch, corral from which it originates, slaughterhouse where it was slaughtered, and date of slaughter, among other information. This gives the customer of the finished product the guarantee that they have purchased a product of responsible origin, in adherence to social, environmental, and quality criteria.
Minerva Casings – As a way to add value to cattle sub-products, Minerva Casings produces and commercializes natural wrappings that meet international quality standards, intended for the manufacture of sausages for the most demanding markets in the world. Competitive advantages are the uniformity of its production and the standardization of its wrappings which undergo the most rigorous standards of quality and sanitary control.
Minerva Beef Shop – A showroom for meat lovers, offering consumers the best quality products from Minerva Foods, for a day-to-day menu or that special occasion. Geared towards the retail market, Minerva Beef Shop is located inside the city of Barretos, adding value to the main ingredient in many Brazilian dishes and creating an experience that envelops the consumer into the world of meat.

Minerva Foods Asia – Acquired in 2016, IMTP which has been established in Australia since 1973 as the supplier of premium meat for the global market, was renamed, Minerva Foods Asia. It retained its culture while at the same time receiving a boost from innovation, which has allowed it to achieve the highest standards in the business. In 2018, Intermeat, a Brazilian trading company for the import and export of frozen, chilled, and/or industrialized animal protein, was incorporated into Minerva Foods Asia.

Minerva Ingredients – It is responsible for producing and marketing ingredients such as tallow, bone meal and blood meal from cattle, in addition to bones for pet food. Its raw materials come from the slaughtering and deboning process of the industrial units of the Company in Brazil.

Minerva Biodiesel – Featuring 100% national technology, developed in partnership with Brazilian universities, it produces a renewable energy source under the social seal of biofuel extracted from beef tallow. Member of the National Biodiesel Program of Brazil, the entire production is sold at auctions organized by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). The raw material comes from the Company’s processing facilities in Brazil, in addition to those from third-party producers, with the possibility of utilizing other sources such as soy, peanut, and jatropha seeds.

Minerva EnergiaMinerva Energia was created to manage the exposure of the facilities of Minerva Foods in the Brazilian electric energy market, monitor the group’s energy consumption, balance its short and long term positions and manage purchase contracts in the regulated and deregulated energy markets. It offers trading partners creative, structured, and customized products to help reduce energy consumption. Designed to also conduct market activities, it offers its trading partners creative, structured, and customized products in the deregulated Brazilian energy market, in order to, directly and indirectly, reduce their expenses
in this resource.

The chorizo steak was the cut that established Argentina’s meat as one of the best in the world. Taken from the center of the sirloin, it has a small layer of fat and moderate marbling. Best served rare or medium-rare. Its intense flavor enriches any barbecue menu. The chorizo steak is also known as New York Steak or Striploin and can be used for day-to-day meals in thin cut steaks or in thick cuts for barbecues and grills, resulting in a pleasant experience due to the meat/fat ratio.