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Minerva Foods
  • Trophy The Winner Awards: Rio de Janeiro edition, promoted by International Business Magazine.
  • Touro de Ouro: an award granted by AG Magazine to the most renowned companies in the livestock sector. Minerva received recognition in the category Frigorífico (Meatpacking facility)
Athena Foods
  • Recognition Award Verde: Special mention for the efficient waste management and cleaning activities on the banks of the Paraguay River and of the Arroyo MBuricao, as part of the Revive project.
  • Exporter of the Year Award: recognized in Paraguay as one of the country’s largest exporters, in the category beef.
  • Certificate of Energy Efficiency: granted to the unit in Canelones, Uruguay, by the Uruguayan government’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.
Minerva and Athena Certifications – 2019
  • BRC Food – Global Standard for Food Safety: The most stringent food production standard in Europe. Developed by the British Retail Consortium that sets quality and safety standards for food production.
  • USDA Organic: U.S. Seal accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is designed to develop, maintain and expand access to products from various countries to the U.S. market.
  • European Union Organic Logo: The objective of this seal is to make organic food and beverages recognizable, with a system of guarantees that are effectively understood by consumers.
  • Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO): An institution that is internationally recognized, composed of five American organizations with experience in best practices and scientific knowledge in the meat industry. The certification confirms that the company has the best animal welfare practices and promotes the continuous improvement of its processes based on legislation such as the European Union Regulation 1909, the American Meat Institute (AMI) Protocol of the United States, and the European Union and Chilean Traceability Regulation.
  • Angus Brazil: Initiative of the Certified Angus Beef program, a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Angus and the meat industry, it certifies the production of high-quality meat from Angus cattle and their crosses.


Supply Chain Traceability
Over 9,000 suppliers monitored in the Amazon;
Mapping of more than 9 million hectares of territory in the Amazon biome;
More than 2,400 suppliers blocked for non-compliance in social and environmental criteria;
100% compliance in the Public Livestock Commitment audit;
Over 699 hectares monitored in the Chaco biome in Paraguay;
More than 50% of the major suppliers mapped in the Paraguayan Chaco;
100% compliance by independent audit of the monitoring system in Paraguay.
6.5% reduction in water consumption per ton of finished product (Brazil);
Reduction of 5% in electricity consumption (Brazil);
2,984,355 kilos of solid waste recycled in Brazil and 2,127,358 kilos in other countries;
41% reduction in the GHG emissions of the Kyoto Protocol (for the entire Company).
Human Resources
Over 13,400 hours of training in Brazil;
54% reduction in the frequency of accidents with lost workdays in the operational units in Brazil;
78.4% reduction in the severity rate (Brazil);
Leadership Development Program with the participation of 487 leaders (Brazil and Uruguay).
Animal Welfare
97.5% of the animals slaughtered were not castrated;
Stun effectiveness >97%;
Fall rate during handling <1%;
Slip rate during handling <3%;
Purchasing range within a 228-kilometer radius to ensure adequate transport time;
Unconsciousness of 100% of the animals, except in slaughter under religious requirements which accounted for 3.72% of the total.
Financial results
Record Annual Revenue of R$18.2 billion (Company);
Lower leverage ratio in recent years: 2.8x (Company);
The Ancho Steak is a prime cut of Argentine origin which translates to “wide steak” in Portuguese. Bife Ancho has a unique personality. The main characteristic of this cut is the fat. It has a strip of internal fat that separates the core and top from the rack and reflects in the succulent flavor. It is also called entrecôte due to its French influence. In the USA it is known as ribeye and has been the great success of steakhouses, where it is seasoned with salt and pepper.