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For the ninth consecutive year, Minerva Foods has published its Sustainability Report in order to communicate to all stakeholders the Good Practices it has adopted in its activities and the results, challenges, and achievements regarding economic-financial, social, and environmental aspects. 102-40 | 102-52

This document reports on the activities of Minerva Foods and its subsidiary Athena Foods for the 2019 year. It was prepared following the standards set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), “in accordance” with the Core option. There are no restatements of information regarding the previous publication, released in July 2019. 102-48 | 102-50 | 102-51 | 102-54

Questions or comments regarding this report may be directed by phone by dialing: +55 (17) 3321-3355 e +55 (11) 3074-2444 or by e-mail at: ri@minervafoods.com. 102-53


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The content of this document was prepared based on a questionnaire conducted in 2020 with investors, clients and public organizations, who responded to a questionnaire divided into four pillars that are considered relevant to the sector in which the Company operates: business viability, industry trends, harmonious coexistence, and the environment.

This assessment revealed the views of the stakeholder groups on 11 issues, whose parameters for reporting include all businesses and operations for Minerva Foods. Of these, eight topics were validated and held to be the most relevant, as outlined below.

Compared to the previous year, Portfolio issues; Financial Results and Efficiency and Management are no longer part of the materiality process, as they are a recurrence in the communication of the Company. The topic of energy consumption has been integrated with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, thereby addressing social outcomes on a broader scale. In addition, key industry topics such as Food Safety, including the use of antibiotics; Deforestation, and Biodiversity, which encompasses forest fires; Relationship management, and local development, have been integrated into the areas most relevant to management.