Minerva Foods Businesses

Minerva Foods
Minerva Foods is a South American leader in the exportation of beef in natura and beef by-products as well as in the production of processed meat. Its wide product portfolio is produced in 11 industrial units that are distributed across seven states in Brazil, as well as one protein processing unit also located within the national territory. Its distribution network spreads out across Ceará, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and São Paulo, as well as the nation’s capital Distrito Federal, enabling the distribution of its own and third-parties products within the domestic market. The Company also works in the trading market of beef protein, encompassing the segments of live cattle, protein trading in export markets, protein trading and resale of third-party products in the domestic market, in addition to electrical energy trading by means of Minerva Energia.

Athena Foods
Athena Foods is a Chilean Company with operations in Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Managed by Minerva S.A., Athena emerged as a leader in the global market of beef exports out of South America to the rest of the world. It is responsible for more than 30% of the meat consumed in Chile, ensuring that it meets the highest level of quality taste and health.

With industrial plants, processing units, and distribution centers strategically located in Latin America countries, the Company guarantees the most efficient delivery of a broad and complete line of animal proteins.

Minerva Fine Foods

The Company’s Brazilian brand in the segment of processed meats. Since its initial beginnings up to the construction of the industrial unit, located within the city of Barretos (SP), everything was planned to ensure that the Company could offer the best and newest animal protein-based integrated products.

Minerva Fine Foods has the now-how, technology and experience to create, develop and produce items made from in natura meats that are cooked, baked, and grilled, from poultry, pork, and beef; using several processing technologies, catered to the needs and expectations of its customers. Create and develop are key-words in the work philosophy of the brand.

The Company operates out of six countries spread throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, in addition to having a chain of international offices in 13 countries.

Minerva Live Cattle Exports

One of the largest live cattle exporters in the world, Minerva Live Cattle Exports began its operations in 2003, its path paved by the experience in the logistics of live cattle transport of Minerva Foods.

With operational centers strategically located in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay, the Company offers its customers the greatest diversification of cattle breeds and opportunities for price negotiation.

By means of specialized logistics, the Company operates in compliance with international regulations for animal welfare and is able to export to countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while maintaining a high quality standard for the handling, shipping and transport of its livestock.

Minerva Leather

With more than 20 years in operation, Minerva Leather is recognized and respected worldwide in the leather industry for its superior quality and strength, making it today one of the main suppliers of leather in Latin America.

Minerva Foods leather division provides global companies with leather in the wet blue and semi-finished state, to be used in several industries, such as automotive, furniture, footwear and artisan crafts.

Minerva Casings

As a way to add value to its beef by-products, Minerva Casings produces and markets natural casings that meet international standards for quality, to be used for the production of sausages in the world’s most demanding markets.

In addition to offering consistency in the production and uniformity of its casings, its products undergo the most rigorous sanitation and quality control procedures.

Minerva Energia

Minerva Energia was created to manage the exposure of the Company’s facilities in the Brazilian power market, including the monitoring of power consumption, balancing its long and short term positions, and the management of the power purchase agreements in regulated and deregulated markets.

Ideal for the development of market activities, it offers its trading partners creative, structured, and customized products in Brazil’s deregulated energy market, in order to reduce direct and indirect expenses with this resource.

Minerva Biodiesel

Minerva Biodiesel produces a renewable source of energy out of beef tallow that is certified with the Social Fuel Seal. A member of the Programa Nacional de Biodiesel do Brasil a Brazilian program in biodiesel, all its production is marketed at biofuel auctions organized by the Agência Nacional de Petróleo (ANP) a national agency for petroleum.

The raw material comes from the Company’s processing facilities in Brazil in addition to those from third-party producers, with the possibility of utilizing other sources such as soy, peanut and jatropha seeds.

With one hundred percent of its technology developed in partnership with Brazilian universities, Minerva Biodiesel adds to the value to a beef processing by-product, while at the same time strengthening its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Minerva Beef Shop

Minerva Beef Shop a flagship store for those who love meat, where people can find the best products for that day-to-day menu, special occasions and the traditional barbecue.

Located in Barretos, location of the Company’s headquarters, the store is geared towards the retail market, adding value to the main ingredient in Brazilian dishes and providing an experience that engages the consumer in to the world of meat.

Minerva Foods Asia

Acquired in 2016, IMTP – established in Australia since 1973 as the supplier of premium meat for the global market, it was named Minerva Foods Asia, maintaining its culture while at the same time receiving a great boost of innovation in order to achieve the highest standards in business.

In 2018, the Brazilian company Intermeat, an importer and exporter of animal protein that had belonged to the Company since 2016, was incorporated into Minerva Foods Asia, broadening the performance of the Australian trading market in addition to integrating a wide range of experience in working with different cultures and traditions to the Company.

Minerva Ingredients

Minerva Ingredients is responsible for the production and marketing of ingredients related to the beef production process such as beef tallow, bone and blood meal, as well as bones for the pet food industry. Its primary material comes from the slaughter and deboning process of the Company’s industrial units in Brazil.

Minerva Foods invests daily in the modernization of its industrial units perform strategic acquisitions maintain a broad and personalized portfolio quality products, and has a distribution logistics integrated and efficient.