Message from the Board of Directors
GRI 102-14

South America features a thriving industry outlook possessing the only cattle herd in expansion worldwide and an increased participation in world exports, solidifying itself as the region that is best able to meet the ever increasing global demand. Ever ready to continue to grow, we have prepared strategically in order to take advantage of this opportunity, having acquired the industrial plants in Mercosur in 2017 as well as having finalized the operational integration phase of all units over the last year.

Taking the lead in beef exports from South America, with 21% of the Market share, our revenues for 2018 from export markets increased by 40%, with the primary focus placed on emerging markets as well as operating in niche markets. In order to enable our strategy, we had the support of 13 international offices and we maintained a sales structure organized by means of three channels: Industry, Foodservice, and Retail.

Ibar Vilela de Queiroz
Board of Directors President

We have also made achievements and have a good perspective on the domestic market with the Brazilian economy showing signs of improvement. In 2018 we have expanded into the food service, premium brands, and niche market segments. In addition, we recorded market share and profitability gains in addition to an 11% increase of our points of sale when compared to the previous year.

In our commitment to providing safe and high quality food, we have applied a series of initiatives, at various stages of the value chain, including steps for an increased efficiency in our procedures and traceability of our supply chain. Starting from the origin of our raw material all the way to the tables of high end chefs to the household consumers worldwide these actions contribute to the socio-environmental and economic development of the places in which we operate, creating an added value for our stakeholders and strengthening our business sustainability.

We remain steadfast in strengthening ties with our stakeholders and expanding into markets worldwide, strategically and focused on maintaining an efficient operation and offering quality products.