Foreign Initiatives and Affiliations
GRI 102-12, GRI 102-13

The Company is part of the Associação Brasileira das Companhias Abertas (Abrasca), Associação Brasileira de Reciclagem Animal (Abra), Sindicato da Indústria do Frio no Estado de São Paulo (Sindifrio); holds a seat in the Conselho de Governança da Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Exportadoras de Carne (Abiec); and is part of the Conselho Diretor do Grupo de Trabalho da Pecuária Sustentável (GTPS), internationally known as Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (BRSL).

In its international units, the Company is a member of the Mesa Paraguaya de Carne Sostenible (MPCS), and the Mesa Argentina de Carne Sostenible (MACS), in addition to being part of an association class with Abiec and the Câmara de Carnes Paraguaia in order to stay up to date on multi-stakeholder discussions and to offer its contributions on the sustainability of the meat supply chain. It is also participates in the Mesa da Pecuária Sustentável of Colombia, in which by means of a value chain approach strives to maintain a continuous improvement in quality, productivity and profitability of the sector as well as the preservation of ecosystems.

In Paraguay, the Company moved forward on a multi-stakeholder project, Forest Conservation Agriculture Alliance – Alianza para el Desarrollo Sostenible, in conjunction with; the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Asociación de Municípios de Chaco Central and Cooperativa Neuland.

In 2018, the project held a technical field activity in Estancia Montania in the Paraguayan Chaco, with the organization and leadership of the Company and the participation of hundreds of regional rural producers, who were able to share experiences and attend technical lectures on animal nutrition, global meat market, and the preservation of fauna in the Chaco biome.